The Energy Factory is dedicated to offering the homeowner and business owner clean energy alternatives to the mounting problems caused by fossil fuels.

We are offering a wide array of products that will save you money on your expanding energy costs. You will be able to purchase products on line, or, if you are interested or need help in making the best purchase decision, we will meet with you in your home to find the best solution for you particular situation.

We will be adding new products as the business expands. In time, we will offer a third option for you to purchase our products. We will have a brick and mortar store to display the items and have working displays so you experience the product in use.

Lastly, we will attempt to use sell only products made in the USA, with the goal of bringing employment opportunities to more Americans.

The solar and wind energy industries are some of the fastest growing industries in the US, as more homeowners get involved, we can eliminate the growing pollution problems we have to endure.
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